Hair Transplantation La Jolla, Hair Restoration San Diego

Hair Transplantation La Jolla, Hair Restoration San Diego, Neograft Hair Restoration San Diego, Minimal Invasive Hair Transplant La Jolla

Hair Thinning Treatment
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Hair Transplantation La Jolla, Hair Restoration San Diego, Neograft Hair Restoration San Diego

Minimal Invasive Hair Restoration

NeoGraft has revolutionized hair restoration in La Jolla. Previous methods of hair transplant, such as the strip method, require invasive surgery, IV sedation, an extended recovery period, and a noticeable linear scar which circumferences the scalp. The manual Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE) method can produce more efficient results than the strip method but also requires a longer surgery.* At La Jolla Hair MD, Dr. Chaffoo offers NeoGraft, the automated FUE method of hair transplant, which eliminates all the disadvantages of the manual FUE method and improves several aspects of the strip method.

The traditional strip method removes a strip of scalp from the back of the head which requires sutures and results in a long, primitive linear scar. The hair follicles are then removed with forceps while under a microscope, increasing the chance of harming hair follicles. Although the recovery from the strip method of hair restoration is typically one month or more, the procedure itself is relatively short. The manual FUE method, the only other method of traditional hair restoration, produces a higher follicle survival rate and less recovery time but is a much longer procedure than the strip method. Thanks to NeoGraft, La Jolla Hair MD now offers minimal invasive hair restoration that combines the effectiveness of the FUE method with the speed of the strip method and none of the disadvantages of either technique.

The advances in hair restoration technology have drastically improved all stages of the hair restoration process, from technique, safety, convenience, and results. The automated FUE method is minimally invasive and does not require IV sedation. During the procedure, no lateral incision, sutures, or stitches are used, resulting in hair restoration with no linear scars. NeoGraft uses a “touch free” system, which separates and mists follicles regularly while they are extracted and waiting to be implanted, ensuring that more follicles survive the transplanting process. With low level light therapy, follicles are stimulated to produce hair growth more efficiently and achieve a higher rate and percentage of hair growth than traditional hair restoration techniques.* Realize the growing potential of each follicle with NeoGraft’s automated FUE method of minimally invasive hair restoration at La Jolla Hair MD!  

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