Neograft La Jolla, Neograft San Diego, La Jolla Hair Restoration

Neograft La Jolla, Neograft San Diego, La Jolla Hair Restoration, Hair Transplant San Diego, Hair Transplant La Jolla, FUE San Diego, Hair Restoration La Jolla

NeoGraft Hair Replacement
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Neograft La Jolla, Neograft San Diego, La Jolla Hair Restoration, Hair Transplant San Diego

Advantages of NeoGraft

NeoGraft is the very first minimally invasive, automated hair replacement method which can guarantee that more hair follicles survive the transplant without a linear scar.* La Jolla Hair MD is changing the game of hair restoration thanks to the innovative NeoGraft technology of the automated FUE method.

FUE Procedure vs. Strip method*

* Patients individual results may vary.

 FUE Procedure Before And After

Hair Transplant Strip Method Before And After


What are the advantages to using NeoGraft for my hair restoration in La Jolla?

Traditional methods of hair replacement could be considered primitive in comparison to the advances NeoGraft has made to all previous hair restoration techniques. The automated FUE method has eliminated the lengthy procedure which made the manual FUE method so undesirable, and the strip method, with its invasive technique, linear scarring, and insufficient result, can no longer rise to the platform of success that NeoGraft has set for hair restoration.

Instead of using scalpels to remove a strip of graft and forceps to remove each hair follicle, NeoGraft uses a motorized punch and pneumatic pressure, or suction, to extract each hair follicle directly from the scalp without disturbing the surrounding tissue, nerves, or blood vessels. NeoGraft is nearly pain free, eliminating the need for even IV sedation. Patients will be conscious and aware throughout the entire procedure. The motorized punch ensures that each graft is created uniformly. Pneumatic pressure ensures that each follicle remains whole and undamaged, unlike the uncontrollability of forceps. Until the grafts are ready to be transplanted to their new location on the scalp, the grafts are sealed in a container, separated, and misted to remain moist. Once the grafts are ready for transplantation, NeoGraft once again uses pneumatic pressure to smoothly insert the graft into its new location. Dr. Chaffoo is able to control the individual placement of each follicle. This added precision aids in creating a natural-looking curve to the hairline. It also avoids the “popcorn” texture that often occurs while using forceps to implant the graft at the treatment location.

NeoGraft provides the automated FUE method of hair replacement as a bounding improvement over any other method of hair transplant.* La Jolla Hair MD offers NeoGraft, so patients can take advantage of the numerous benefits of today’s hair transplant technology, including:

  • A motorized punch to gently rotate around each hair follicle
  • Pneumatic pressure, or suction, to extract and implant the follicle smoothly
  • Uniformly, cylindrical-shaped grafts to eliminate the “popcorn” effect of using forceps
  • A moist environment for extracted grafts until transplantation
  • Controlled precision over each follicle during restoration


* Patients individual results may vary.

Thinning Hair Treatment Before And After

Hairline Replacement Before And After

Hair Loss Solution Before And After

How do I get started with hair restoration in La Jolla?

Dr. Chaffoo and the staff at La Jolla Hair MD would be happy to help you set up a private consultation to discuss hair restoration in La Jolla. Schedule an appointment online or call 844-567-4247.

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