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PRP hair restoration in La Jolla can help you regrow a thick, natural head of hair. Platelet rich plasma is blood plasma that has been made to have a higher concentration of platelets that are naturally found in your blood. Platelet rich plasma is a proactive hair loss treatment that uses a higher concentration of your naturally occurring platelets to stimulate the hair growth cycle. Dr. Chaffoo is a hair loss doctor at La Jolla Hair MD who specializes in PRP as a thinning hair treatment. Dr. Chaffoo can even help tailor your platelet rich plasma therapy to help you regrow thick, natural hair without the need for extensive surgery.

What is PRP for hair loss treatment?

PRP is used in many medical procedures, as the increased concentration of platelets can help to expedite the healing process. With recent innovations in hair regrowth treatments, PRP hair loss treatment has been found to restart the hair growth cycle and stimulate hair follicles that have fallen dormant or inactive. Platelets have been known for their ability to clot blood, but the use of PRP has grown because of its newfound versatility. Platelets contain numerous proteins that are pivotal when it comes to your body’s healing process that, when concentrated, become even more effective.

PRP Hair Therapy
PRP Hair Restoration

How does PRP for hair loss in La Jolla work?

Hair regeneration with PRP uses your naturally occurring plasma in a condensed form that has a higher concentration of platelets, resulting in the stimulation of your hair follicles. Hair growth is cyclical, and each individual hair on your body is going through the hair growth cycle at a different pace. Your hair grows, regresses, rests, and then is shed. After your hair grows, it enters the regression phase, which is when the hair follicle becomes smaller and detaches from its base. While your hair is in the resting phase, your hair follicles are simultaneously stimulating the growth of new hair that will replace the hair in the resting phase. Your old hair is then shed, and the cycle begins again with your hair follicle stimulating the regrowth phase. It is when the hair follicles do not stimulate new growth of hair during this cycle that hair thinning and balding occur.

Stages Of The Hair Growth Cycle
Growing Phase (3-7 years) The hair follicle produces hair that begins to grow for several years
Regression Phase (1-2 weeks) The hair follicle becomes smaller and detaches from the base
Resting Phase (2-3 months) The hair follicle begins to produce a new strand of hair that will replace the old strand of hair
Shedding Phase The previously resting hair is now shed from your body and replaced by the new strand of hair. This strand of hair has now begun the cycle again by entering the growing phase

What is the process of PRP therapy like?

PRP therapy at La Jolla Hair MD begins with drawing a sample of your blood as if you were having a general blood test taken. Your sample of blood is then spun down to produce a sample with concentrated amounts of platelets. The higher concentration of platelets means a higher concentration of the proteins that stimulate healing and growth. At this stage in your PRP hair procedure, Dr. Chaffoo will then inject your own platelet rich plasma into the areas of your scalp that are undergoing hair loss treatment. For the first few months after your hair regrowth treatment, your hair follicles will begin to restimulate. You will see continuing results within the months following your PRP hair therapy. Each PRP hair treatment is unique, and every patient will experience varying results. Dr. Chaffoo can tailor your PRP procedure to best meet your needs. The number of injections with PRP for hair loss vary depending on the degree of hair thinning or balding that you are experiencing.

What are the benefits of PRP Hair Therapy?

There are many advantages of PRP for hair loss. Platelet rich plasma helps you regrow your hair by only using your naturally occurring platelets. On top of this, PRP hair therapy helps stimulate your hair growth cycle without the discomfort and recovery time of extensive surgery. Because PRP for hair loss is a minimally invasive hair replacement procedure, patients experience little to no downtime after receiving PRP injections. If you are ineligible for traditional hair transplant surgery, you may still be a candidate for a PRP hair procedure. In some cases, PRP hair loss treatment can be combined with traditional hair restoration methods. PRP hair treatment promotes hair regeneration by only using platelets that are naturally found in your blood. Because a PRP hair treatment uses proteins and platelets that are naturally occurring, there is a significantly lower possibility of any allergic or adverse reaction after PRP hair therapy.

Benefits of PRP Hair Loss Treatment in La Jolla:

  • Uses only naturally occurring platelets
  • Only requires a small blood sample
  • Can be combined with other hair loss treatments
  • Stimulates the hair growth cycle
  • Is a minimally invasive hair loss treatment with little to no downtime
  • Has little to no possibility of an adverse reaction

How do I get started with hair restoration in La Jolla?

Dr. Chaffoo and the staff at La Jolla Hair MD would be happy to help you set up a private consultation to discuss PRP hair therapy in La Jolla. Schedule an appointment online or call 844-567-4247.